Vieni a trovarci, a pochi passi dal centro di Varese. Varese è comodamente raggiungibile mediante l’Autostrada A8 dei Laghi ed anche dalla Svizzera tramite i valichi del Gaggiolo (SP3) e di Lavena Ponte Tresa (Ss233). Anche con il Treno di Ferrovie Nord/FFSS. Ti aspettiamo!


Via Indipendenza, 10
21100 Varese (Va) ITALY


Telefono: 340 362 0035
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This flask bong is hand-painted with a beautiful dragon, the heat-resistant paint is applied very plastically. The pipe wall is stable 7mm thick and the bowl stucks in a down-pipe diffuser slit adapter. There is a kickhole with plug and a 3-notch ice catch for lots of ice cubes in the draw tube.

Due to those cooling and filtering elements, the smoke tastes more mild and smooth. The mouthpiece is pleasantly rounded and the weight of the bong gives stability – this bong does not only please dragon fans!


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